Hello and Welcome to Return To Wellness!

So, you are probably wondering what makes me different from so many other massage therapists…I know this because I’ve been asked countless times by clients who are trying to figure out *why* my work is so different.

The best way I know how to describe it is that I read muscle in much the same way a blind person reads Braille. My hands automatically seek out tendon, fascia, and muscle tissue which reads as atypical: tight, granular, pebbly, ropey, bone-like, etc. I figure out what kind of pressure your tissues respond to, and get to work!

I use Pure-Pro massage oil products, and doTERRA essential oil products. You can find out more about why I use doTERRA oils on my doTERRA page.

I love to teach my clients self-care techniques so you have the tools required to continue the progress made during our session. This allows us to make more progress in our follow up sessions.

My perspective is: I don’t want to be another band-aid, maintaining the less-than-optimal state of overall health you have when we meet during our first session; I want to be a partner on your path as you Return To Wellness.