Active Stretching

Following a deep-tissue massage, we recommend at-home techniques for self-care for longer lasting benefits. Active stretching using soft balls, when used correctly, can keep muscles from returning to how they were prior to your massage. Typically between your first and third massages, whenever we feel your muscles are ready, we will talk about what to use and how.

While most use them for your back and shoulders, we recommend using them on your glutes and pectorals, combined with specific stretches to keep the muscles flexible and moving properly. With regular stretching, when done correctly between massages, strategic placement of the balls will help break up your trigger points and adhered tissue. This will reduce your pain and increase your range of motion.

In addition, regular self-care between massages will allow deeper, more beneficial work during our sessions, allowing us to cover more area in less time.

A tip: when beginning to use the balls, it is easy to overdo it, which might mean you will be sore for several days. We recommend starting with 3-5 minutes each side, using very gentle stretches, and slowly working your way up over time.