Three reasons to choose a private practice over a chain spa

Massage therapy should be a calling. We are working with our clients in an intimate way. If we do it right, we are accessing and releasing trigger points, scar tissue, and even emotional garbage which has been trapped for years, possibly even decades. We are helping our clients to rehab, relax, and more fully live their lives.

Here are three reasons to choose a private practice over a chain spa:

First, consistency of care. With a chain, you may or may not see the same therapist each time, leading to a much longer process as each has to take time to learn about you, your preferences, and your body. They all have different versions of therapy, instead of having one dedicated therapist who knows how your body responds. Each time you come in then builds on previous sessions, instead of starting over each time.

Second, a private therapist knows another client likely gave you a personal referral. Small businesses thrive on referrals and know this means you place a great deal of trust in them for high-caliber care and a dedication to client satisfaction. As such, women especially can feel confident they will receive ethical care in a safe place.

Last, without the burden of corporate policies or needing to sell the company’s products, a private therapist is free to choose the right product for you by discussing your needs. In addition, our schedules belong to us and not the chain, meaning we are free to tailor our schedule. Since we personally handle our own schedules and value relationship with you, the front desk will not switch you to a different therapist or change your appointment without consulting you.