Deep Cleaning

As the year winds down I find myself looking back at all the things I’ve been putting off for various reasons, and realizing they must be tackled. I’ve spoken with clients, friends, and colleagues, and find this to be a fairly universal situation. We are all working on a deep cleaning of loose ends for the past year.

Think about areas of your life you’ve been avoiding, much like the dusty fan blades or the chaotic kitchen cabinet. Have you been stress eating, slowly drinking more than you used to, spending more time on the computer and less time outside? We’ve all been there.

Have you also noticed your neck and back are more cranky and achy, your hips hurt, your shoulders feel like they are carrying too much weight, and you feel tired? Many people are in the same boat.

I’m going to tell you a secret: I was a physical activity slacker for about 18 months. I would remind my clients to get active, but I wasn’t doing it myself. One day I just decided to get outside and walk. Now my son and I have great one-on-one time, taking walks together several days a week. I hear about things he didn’t talk about before, we may see deer, and we are doing something healthy together.

These walks have slowly allowed for the mental cobwebs to be cleaned out, while preparing me for a deep clean in other facets of my life.

Close your eyes and be present in your body. Feel your legs, hips, back, shoulders, neck, and arms. How many physical cobwebs can you feel in your body? I’m going to guess you can feel stuff you’ve otherwise been ignoring. Is holiday stress making it better or worse? Yes, that is a trick question.

Those cobwebs aren’t part of getting older; they are what happen when we’ve been ignoring the dust for too long. As anyone who has been on my table knows, we will get the deep cleaning started for your body, and you can carry it through to the rest of your life.

Let’s get started and make this new year one of clearing cobwebs away.