doTERRA Oils

I’ve used the brands at Whole Foods, etc. They smell nice, but that’s pretty much all I’ve gotten from them. Since I started using doTERRA’s oils and products, my clients have reported better recovery after their massage, I’ve had profound results with my own body and health, my emotional wellbeing has improved, and I’ve seen improvements in my son’s mood and general health.

Energetically, I’ve tested a client’s chakras, done nothing but apply a few drops of oil between two different blends to an ’empty’ chakra, retested the chakra; and it tests as open and flowing. (Not to say it was a permanent shift, but attests to the potency of the oils).

Simply: I use doTERRA because every batch is tested for purity and pharmacological activity. If anything is off, the oil is not sold. I am a healer and will only use premium products on my clients. My clients expect the same quality in the products I use as they get in the services they receive.